When To Brush Teeth After Tooth Extraction?

We understand that after wisdom tooth extraction, you might be a bit too careful and concerned about your oral health to not lose another pearly white. While good oral hygiene practice is crucial, knowing when to brush teeth after tooth extraction is pivotal for adequate healing and recovery.

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    When Can You Start Brushing Post Extraction?

    Dentists generally recommend waiting for at least 3 to 4 days after tooth extraction before starting to brush teeth. (Be it wisdom tooth or any other)

    During the initial 24 hours post extraction, it is important to avoid the extraction site so that it does not dislodge or damage the blood clot forming. As soon as the initial wait is over, you can start brushing your teeth carefully, avoiding the extraction site.

    Questions About When To Brush Teeth After Tooth Extraction??

    How To Safely Brush Teeth After Tooth Extraction

    While the process of tooth extraction is safe, you must exercise caution before thinking about brushing your teeth. Since the procedure leaves an open wound, the first sign of healing is the development of a fragile blood clot that encapsulates the empty tooth socket from external wrath. Your mouth is a play area for many, like bacteria. This is why you must think wisely before you start to brush your teeth after tooth extraction. Proper oral hygiene and gentle motion of cleaning to safeguard the blood clot are essential for faster recovery.

    Important Pointers Include:

    • For the first few days after surgery, avoid the site of the extraction and brush the remaining teeth twice daily. Also, remember to clean your tongue and scrape off bacteria residing there.
    • Make sure to select a soft-bristled brush and practice gentle, circular, small motions.
    • Start cleaning these teeth the next day, ensuring they do not touch the extraction socket for the first three days.
    • You should consider rinsing your mouth if stitches were used after tooth extraction. On the extraction day, rinse your mouth gently with a warm salt water solution after every meal to keep food debris away from the wound area.
    • Make sure not to rinse vigorously to avoid the risk of dislodging the blood clot and consequential dry socket.
      From the first day after tooth extraction, rinse and do not brush all teeth in the morning and evening with 0.12% chlorhexidine solution until stitches dissolve, if applicable.
    • Chlorhexidine solution is an antibacterial rinse that is often prescribed by dentists for specific cases. It is not always necessary but can aid in certain situations.
    • Return to the normal brush and floss regime for your teeth after tooth extraction as soon as one week has passed post-procedure.

    Closing Note

    Want to learn when you can start brushing teeth after tooth extraction? Well, dentists recommend waiting for at least 3 to 4 days, with caution even after that. Have more queries or concerns? Contact a Howard Dental School in Washington graduate, Dr. Sheryar Khan, at Contemporary Dental Care. We aim to stay at the forefront of the latest dental advancements to provide the best dental care for you. Connect with us by calling Orlando, FL (321) 522-8577, Altamonte Springs, FL (689) 209-0080, or Ocoee, FL (689) 407-3015

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