Traditional Braces

If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your teeth, you do not have to settle for anything less than a flawless smile. Our qualified dentists at Contemporary Dental Care can correct the alignment of your teeth with traditional braces, helping you achieve a straight, gorgeous smile. Depending on the complexity of your condition, Dr. Khan and his team will design a personalized orthodontic treatment to address your needs.

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    traditional braces

    How Do Traditional Braces Work

    Metal braces have been the preferred choice of treatment for orthodontics issues for many decades. Earlier, the process of conventional braces used to be quite challenging and painful. However, the advancements in orthodontics have brought certain changes, making the process much more comfortable.

    Nowadays, traditional braces involve the use of small-sized metal brackets and wires that work in harmony to correct the alignment of teeth. We bond the brackets to the tooth surface and connect them with an orthodontic wire that exerts gentle pressure on your teeth. Gradually, your teeth begin to shift and fall into an ideal alignment.

    We can address many issues with this conventional orthodontic treatment, including crowding, spacing, overbite, underbite, and crossbite. It can also address jaw misalignment to a certain extent, preventing the need for orthognathic surgeries.

    Questions About Traditional Braces?

    Benefits of Traditional Braces

    With traditional metal braces, our dental experts can address a number of orthodontic concerns. The benefits of this treatment include:

    • Teeth straightening: It can address a wide range of orthodontic issues, whether mild or severe.
    • Effective: It gradually works on repositioning each tooth, ensuring long-term and effective results.
    • Versatile: By straightening the alignment of your teeth, it enhances your dental aesthetics and improves your oral health.
    • Durable: Metal brackets and wires are resilient and can withstand regular biting and chewing forces.
    • Cost-effective: This treatment is more economical compared to many other orthodontic options.
    • Long-lasting outcome: It can permanently correct teeth misalignment, offering lifetime results.

    Treatment Process at Our Clinic

    If you have decided to undergo an orthodontic treatment, the first step is to have a consultation with our experienced dentists. We will evaluate the alignment of your teeth and jaws and record dental X-rays. This helps us determine if traditional braces are an effective solution for you.

    The treatment process of braces requires patience and compliance, so you have to commit to the treatment to see visible results. In the first stage, we will attach metal bands and brackets to your upper and lower teeth and link them with a metal wire.

    The next phase of the treatment involves scheduled appointments at regular intervals. In these visits, we will adjust the wire and track the treatment progress. Once your teeth are in the correct alignment, we will remove the braces and provide retainers to secure them in their new positions.

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