Top 10 Signs Showing You Need A Root Canal

Sometimes, a harmless dull ache may be a signal for something more serious, which may necessitate dental treatments. Persistent pain, sensitivity, tooth discoloration, etc., are all signs of needing a root canal. Not just this, there are many more telltale indicators that you need to look for.

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    Telltale Signs Of Needing A Root Canal

    Some common indicators include:

    1. Throbbing Toothache
      A severe, sharp, stabbing tooth pain triggered by chewing or biting is a sign not to be taken lightly. If the ache persists even after the stimulus is eliminated, you must look into the possibility of getting a root canal. The pain can be so intense that it may interfere with daily activities, such as eating, speaking, and sleeping.
    2. Sensitivity to Hot and Cold
      Persistent and strong sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures is a sign of an infected pulp. This sensitivity is a result of inflammation, which irritates the tooth nerves making them sensitive to even the slightest of temperature change.
    3. Tooth Discoloration
      A dying dental pulp often shows up with a grayish-black hue in a single tooth. Take it as a sign to book a root canal for that tooth as soon as you can. The discoloration is due to blood vessels dying.
    4. Swelling of the Gums
      Inflammation or gum tenderness near the tooth is a telltale sign of an infection that can be treated with a root canal. Infection causes formation of pus-filled sacs, also known as gum boils, or pimples in gums, which are painful and uncomfortable.
    5. Painful Bump On Gums
      Gum boils, or abscesses are clear indicators of tooth infection. These bumps on gums are due to pus accumulation which are painful to touch.
    6. Loose Tooth
      Your teeth are sturdy and fixed in one place. This is why if it starts moving when you touch it, do not let it slide since it means that the infection has spread to the bone supporting the tooth.
    7. Bad Breath/Halitosis
      During an infection, it is common for bacteria to enter multiple places like the root canal and cause an unpleasant-smelling infection. This can lead to bad breath, which may need a root canal procedure along with other measures that can clear out bad breath.
    8. Facial Swelling
      When the gum tissues around your mouth fill with pus or grow larger than normal, it may be significant enough to change facial appearance as well.
    9. Darkening of the Gums
      Your gums turning black is a big sign of an infection that requires a root canal. The decay or darkening is a result of bacterial spread from the tooth to the surrounding gum tissue, making the situation painful and uncomfortable.
    10. Dental X-ray Shows Infection
      Tooth X-rays can often help dentists detect infection as they show up as dark spots at the tip of the tooth roots.
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    Closing Note

    In a nutshell, it is quite necessary to identify all the signs that indicate the need to get a root canal so that action can be taken on time. For more queries or concerns regarding the services we offer and ways our team can be of help, contact a Howard Dental School in Washington graduate, Dr. Sheryar Khan, at Contemporary Dental Care. We aim to stay at the forefront of the latest dental advancements to provide the best dental care for you. Connect with us by calling Orlando, FL (321) 522-8577, Altamonte Springs, FL (689) 209-0080, or Ocoee, FL (689) 407-3015.

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