Oral Surgery

Undergoing oral surgery can be a daunting experience for most people, but at Contemporary Dental Care, we are committed to providing you with safe and comfortable oral care. Our skilled team, led by Dr. Khan, provides a wide range of oral surgery services. Utilizing our cutting-edge technology and skilled precision, we can address all your major oral concerns with the most effective surgical techniques. Our dental team will also provide aftercare instructions to help you recover properly.

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    Common Indications For Oral Surgery

    Most dental issues, such as cavities and tooth damage, can be addressed with conservative treatments and do not require surgery. However, our specialists may recommend oral surgery in the following cases:

    • Extensive tooth damage: If a tooth is damaged, decayed, or fractured beyond repair, we may suggest extraction to preserve your overall oral health.
    • Impacted teeth: Wisdom teeth often remain impacted in the jawbone, causing pain and discomfort. We can remove them with effective surgical measures.
    • Oral pathologies: For the safe removal of an oral tumor, cyst, or abscess, we may suggest surgical intervention.
    • Jaw-related issues: Complex cases of jaw misalignment, jaw fractures, or TMJ disorder can be addressed with appropriate surgical measures.
    Questions About Oral Surgery?

    How to Prepare For Oral Surgery with Us

    It is completely normal to feel nervous or restless before undergoing a surgical procedure. Our compassionate team understands that, which is why we will explain the procedure details during the initial consultation. We will record your medical history, including health conditions, allergies, and medications. If you have any queries or concerns, you can freely discuss them during this visit.

    To prepare for the procedure, make sure to follow the instructions given by our dentists. We may ask you to fast for a few hours or alter your prescription medications before the surgery. Since you may be under anesthesia, we recommend bringing a friend or family member along to drive you back safely on the appointed day.

    Tips for Better Recovery

    After performing oral surgery, we will give a detailed set of instructions to help you with the recovery process. The first 24 to 48 hours are critical and require special care. Avoid eating hard or spicy foods, drinking with a straw, or other strenuous activities that may impede normal healing.

    Start with a soft diet for the initial few days and gradually introduce more food items. Take your prescribed painkillers or medications to avoid post-surgical complications. We strictly prohibit smoking during this period as it can slow down the healing process.

    If you experience any complications such as oral or facial swelling, excessive bleeding, or infection, visit our clinic as early as possible for immediate intervention.

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    Our skilled oral surgeons can address your dental concerns with safe and painless measures. To schedule a consultation for oral surgery, call us today.

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