Crowns and Bridges

At Contemporary Dental Care, we provide comprehensive restorative dentistry services to revive the health and beauty of your smile. If you have damaged or missing teeth, our qualified dentist, Dr. Khan, can restore them with dental crowns and bridges. They are customized to blend seamlessly into your smile, offering a natural-looking finish.

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    crowns and bridges

    Dental Crowns

    A dental crown is a protective covering that encases the entire visible structure of the tooth surface above the gum line. It is an ideal restoration option for damaged, weak, or decayed teeth. Apart from restoring the tooth structure, dental crowns also provide cosmetic benefits and improve the overall appearance of the teeth.

    Depending on your oral needs and requirements, we offer different types of dental crowns and bridges at our facility. For aesthetic results, we design crowns using medical-grade porcelain that perfectly matches the shade of your natural teeth. These restorations cover your teeth and protect them against further damage.

    Questions About Crowns and Bridges?

    Dental Bridges

    If you have lost one or a few more adjacent teeth in your upper or lower jaw, we can replace them with a custom-made dental bridge. As the name indicates, a dental bridge utilizes the support of healthy natural teeth on either side of the missing space.

    The artificial teeth that fill the gap are known as pontics, and the caps covering the adjacent teeth are called abutments. The major benefit of a dental bridge is that it offers fixed replacement of the missing teeth, compared to removable dentures.

    After evaluating the condition of your gums and teeth, our dentists will determine which type of bridge will work best for you. Our crowns and bridges are customized according to your preferences, restoring the health and appearance of your teeth.

    Treatment Process of Dental Crowns and Bridges

    Getting a custom-fit dental crown or bridge is a convenient and easy process that typically takes two visits. During your first appointment, we will assess the condition of your teeth and take digital X-rays. Depending on the position of your teeth and the extent of damage, we will decide the best type of restoration for your dental needs.

    For proper placement of the crown or bridge, we will trim a thin layer of the tooth enamel. This step ensures that the restoration fits comfortably over your teeth without compromising your natural bite. Next, our team will record dental impressions and send them to a lab.

    The fabrication of crowns or bridges may take around two weeks. During this period, we will offer temporary coverings to protect your teeth. Once the restoration is ready, we will test its fit and permanently bond it to your natural teeth. At the end of the treatment, we will provide care instructions to help maintain the results for a long time.

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    Whether you require a solution for damaged or missing teeth, our dental professionals can restore your smile with dental crowns and bridges. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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